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Fellow Patriot, If you think you're safe, you're probably not ready to hear what I'm about to tell you...

If you have faith that we're living in certain times... where today's groundbreaking technological advances and our loyal government will protect you when things come to worst... Then please leave now because this short presentation isn't for you.

When Armageddon strikes... if you're not ready for it... you and your family's fates can be sealed. So may God help you!


My name is Craig Walker. I'm a 45 years old family man with a passion for survival. A father to three exceptional kids, a husband to the most beautiful woman, and a trained ex-military survival expert. I put my survival skills to test for decades on battle fields all across the globe.

I'm here to show you how you can guarantee the safety of your family members and the ones you love WHEN disaster strikes...

I never thought I'll be forced to make a report like this. I honestly hope you'll never need to use this protocol. But at the same time, I'm glad you're listening to this information because it might just save your life.

I can't predict the future nor the degree of damage we'll be facing... But if the past is any indicator... I can guarantee without any doubt... that just like the rest of our society...

It's not too late though... if you're the type of individual who refuses to bend over... and if you do what has to be done to get results... You still have the power to thrive and protect your family when the rest of the world will be burning in flames.

Brace yourself, you're about to be blown away... it's time to face the harsh reality.

This earth-shattering information will set you apart from all the unfortunate people, who never had the chance to see this coming. This isn't some sort of conspiracy theory, nor fortune telling. When governmental agencies speak out... everyone knows that things are serious. Unless, you're one of those people, naive enough to believe the government will protect and provide for you and your family, when global disaster strikes.

When global disaster does strikes You'll be facing only 2 basic options:

Leave yourself, your family and your loved ones defenseless by giving up...

Prepare for the worst, Rise up and transform yourself into a HERO!

I know, this is hard to swallow. I've seen people ignore dangerous situations before.

Reality Can be Too Much to Handle, but - Ignorance Won't be Your Savior.

Sooner or later, an unprecedented force will strike our beloved country. And your family's survival will depend on this protocol.

I can feel it in my bones. And I know that you can too. If you didn't, you'd be gone by now. So...

It's time to stop playing games. Time to step up, and ensure you have a prosperous future. And it's my commitment to you and our fellow patriots you'll be ready for the disastrous events soon to come.

So let me cut to the chase.... Did you ever hear about the 1859 Carrington Event?

The Carrington Event​

The Carrington Event

It was the first documented event of a solar flare impacting Earth. Even today NASA scientists believe that this was the largest solar storm from the past 500 years.

Its power was so intense that it caused severe interruptions in global telegraph communications. And back then society wasn't as dependent on electricity as it is today...​

​According to NASA, if such an event occurred today, all modern infrastructures would melt beyond repair within seconds... Sending us back for centuries...

You think that's bad? Think again...​

  • ​Wall Street crash - U.S. Dollar's permanent collapse
  • All modern industry in total destruction​
  • Telecommunication ruined beyond repair
  • Internet infrastructure decimated​
  • Land, Sea and Air transportation gone...​

And what follows is even worse. War and famine will break out because of no control over the people. And experts assume a pandemic will arise because of the poor sanitary conditions and the lack of medication.

​All of this will lead to the death of billions of people.

Our government knows it. The military knows it. Your local officials know it.

And scientists have been warning us for years... So why is nobody preparing?

History is full of similar events. Their only advantage was back then there was no digital technology to depend on. Today, in 21st century the entire story is different.

1989 Major Solar Flare

In March 1989, a powerful solar flare set off a major blackout in Canada.

It left six million people without electricity. According to NASA, the flare nearly destroyed all of Quebec's power stations, and even melted a few power transformers in New Jersey.

NASA reported that this solar flare was nowhere near the same scale as the Carrington event.​

There have even been more recent storms. On July 14 2000, sensors registered another major solar eruption ranked X5 on space weather scale. Its power caused satellites to short-circuit which led to total communication blackout globally.

A few years later, on Oct. 28, 2003 the sun unleashed a whopper solar flare.

The intensity of sun's flares was so strong that it melted the sensors measuring it.

NASA said that the sensors topped out at X28, already a massive flare, but later analysis found that the flare reached a peak strength of about X45.​

2003 The Ultra Powerful Halloween Sun Storm

2006 X-Ray Xmas Sun Flare

And that's not all... On Dec. 5, 2006 sensors registered a powerful X9 on the space weather scale.

It was so intense that it cut off all satellite communication and GPS signals according to NASA.

Official NOAA statement was that the storm was so powerful it actually damaged the solar X-ray camera on the GOES 13 satellite that snapped its picture.​​

We've seen this happen before. But most people weren't even aware of it. The bad news is... next time your lights go off, it just might be permanent... So, even if you're one of those people, ready for a disaster of epic proportions... with massive stockpiles in your underground bunker, enough medicine, and other supplies to survive this catastrophe... the situation just got deadly serious for you.

Or you might think that Government will take care of you and your family when all infrastructures collapse...

Do you think, you'll be the lucky one?

Do you really think that the Government has the capacity of helping 300+ million people, or that you will be one of the lucky ones?

Our government knows what is coming, but they aren't telling you to prepare. They don't even have the capacity to manage the mass panic that would follow if they did.

And who would keep the water and electrical systems running? Maintenance workers will be in same situation as you, trying to keep their families fed and safe.​

Food shortage, fresh water scarcity and fried electrical grid lead to mass chaos.

A cascading failure of our entire infrastructure is guaranteed after a solar storm hits. And as if that wasn't enough... there are no publicly accessible real-life protocols and guidelines for people to follow. Luckily, being a survivalist for my entire life, gives me a unique perspective. Polishing my skills from deserts to jungles and urban environments prepared me for extreme conditions on how to survive. And in a few moments I'll show you everything I learned.

Not to Exaggerate, but what Swiss Knife is to MacGyver, I Am to You.

Throughout my entire career I've seen numerous times how chaos and mass panic destroy entire communities when calamity outbreaks. During all of these years, the one thing that became obvious to me, is how uninformed and unprepared Americans are. For example, the Swiss Government has mandatory laws for every household to have its own sustainable bunker, while the U.S. Government lets our citizens wander around the streets completely unaware.

Even worse, our nation's daily routine is going to work, coming back home, and relaxing for the rest of the day, enjoying precious moments with our families and watching t.v. shows every single day.

The high death tolls caused by Katrina and Sandy are perfect examples of how unawareness and unpreparedness can turn everything upside down in few short moments.

While most people choose to live their lives in ignorance... some do realize the threat and start educating themselves. Most people begin their research online. But the problem is the only things you find are old and obsolete. They're outdated websites, full of useless articles, giving you a false sense of security.

Or better yet, go on to Department of Defense homepage and see it for yourself. I dare you to try and survive any kind of disaster following that obsolete data.

Following DoD instructions will land your entire family in FEMA camp.

FEMA Roundup

And I've seen what Federal Emergency Management Agency does to people. Even farmers take better care of their cattle. I hope neither you nor your family ever have to experience it... because this is exactly where you'll end up, following those outdated, useless guides.

That is... if you even make it there because millions of people competing with you, for limited resources.

It's not my intention to scare you or make you become a nervous wreck. Anxiously watch over your shoulder every moment from now on till the rest of your life. I am simply trying to show you that there's a better way... A way where you'll see it coming, and be 100% prepared for it

All You have To-Do is

Take over right now and control your own destiny.

You could risk it... But there's really no going back. Either you're ready when a solar storm hits, or you go down with the rest... the unfortunate ones. Just think about what would happen if you wouldn't prepare yourself... especially now that you already know about this threat... I bet you'd be cursing at yourself for not taking the chance when you should.

And because what? You didn't want to take 15 minutes a day to educate yourself? Or you were preoccupied with some meaningless stuff? What's more important than your survival and the lives of the ones you love?​

You now have the chance to make sure you never see this bleak and dark future. Especially now that you have me here with all the knowledge in the world at your fingertips...

With that in mind I jumped behind my desk, and started working on a protocol that will allow anyone, regardless of their skills, age, or physical gifts to be permanently prepared.

After Months of Research, Consulting, Writing and Editing I Finally Finished - “Total Blackout Protocol

100's of pages contain ALL scenarios, step-by-step techniques and tactics of Unique Survival Strategies, You won't find anywhere else, but HERE!

This one of a kind special course is so simple, that literally anyone can follow it. Including you, and the best part is, it prepares you for any situation. This guide is so comprehensive, that once you are through with it, you'll be prepared for anything from blackouts to massive natural disasters plus terrorist threats and medical emergencies.

This complete step by step PROTOCOL will guide you and your family to safety, and you will never be caught off-guard again.

Get ready for the ultimate transformation from a mere follower to a TRUE LEADER.

5+ Most Critical Survival Protocols Ever Released To Public​

  • How to prepare yourself: For permanent or temporary blackouts, which might last for weeks to months on end.​
  • What to be prepared for: This protocol will show you what signs to look out for, and how to act when the situation arises.
  • Water scarcity: Is one of the toughest obstacles in crisis situations. On page 19 you will learn all about water protocols, which will show you how to guarantee you have an endless supply of fresh and clean drinking water.
  • Food supply: From this course you will find out how to ensure that you have it in abundance and even more...you'll discover how to prepare and enjoy delicious meals for you and your family without spending a fortune on stockpiles.
  • How to battle weather conditions: from life threatening lightning to frostbiting cold and ensure optimal clothing requirements.
  • How to take care of hygiene: and keep your environment clean and germ free.
  • How to live completely off the grid: independent from your power supplier and once you see how easy it is, you'll laugh because you never thought about it before.
  • The medical emergency chapter: will guide you through hard situations where wounded people need immediate medical response, so you will be ready to help yourself, your family members and friends or even complete strangers.
  • In tough situations, security is paramount to your survival: On page 43 you will discover how to ensure no one will ever be able to surprise you again, with your guard down.

Plus, there are bonus protocols included for different types of situations you may experience during different catastrophes.

Keep in mind, it's not the size of the gun that matters, but the knowledge of how to use it. And in the survival game the one with most knowledge wins each time "hands down".

And the best of it all? When a crisis arises, these protocols and the knowledge you'll obtain with them, can even be traded for weapons, foods, goods and supplies!

You Will Always Have the Upper Hand on Anyone!​

Only if you have access to this knowledge. This is the only way you will be able to protect yourself and your family from all the threats coming down your way. The only way your family will be able to have restful nights in your house, regardless of the chaos going on outside your home.

And another thing you should know... There isn't anything special you'll have to buy, as you will be able to stockpile everything just by going through your daily routine. By following my protocols you'll ensure that your family always comes out on top, no matter the situation.​

And what's good about this is that it doesn't matter if you're on fixed income or not. Total Blackout Protocol will give you a winning chance regardless of your budget.

Just think about it... how much is it worth to you and your family to have peace of mind?

Knowing that no matter for how long you'll be cut off the grid, you will be ready for it. Equipped with the proper skills, knowledge and resources to thrive even in impossible conditions.

Remember New Orleans?​

And how little the government did to help out?​

NOLA live cam - Katrina >> top: after >> bottom: before

Remember New York?​

​And the government's response?​

Life ​Imitating ​Art — 2020​

In the end, you know that you can only depend on yourself! And this is exactly where Total Blackout Protocol comes into play. Giving you the confidence you and your family deserve, to never worry or stress about it ever again!

Sure, there are many guides and books out there, filled with outdated and obsolete data you can find online. But none of them has the information you need to survive when the real disaster strikes.

Total Blackout Protocol is a direct result of decades of learning and training, which prepared me for everything.​ And with that in mind it was created in such a way, that you're forced to take the right steps. In short, you can't ever screw up.​​​

Which brings me to the price of Total Blackout Protocol. This was the hardest decision I had to make.

It isn't easy to put a price on a thing, which will not only keep your family safe and healthy, but also transform you into a leader, someone to look up to in the times of need. So you have to ask yourself... how much is it worth to you to have the peace of mind that this protocol will give you?

One thing is certain, if the price is too low, you will think that this protocol isn't as valuable as it actually is.

But then again, if price is set too high, millions of people who need this information as much as you do, won't be able to afford it. So after long consideration I chose the lesser of two evils, in order to give everyone an equal chance of accessing this life-saving protocol.

I'm not trying to say that those courses aren't great, but most people just can't afford that kind of an investment, and on top of that, they don't even offer urban survival courses.

Total Blackout Protocol covers all of that and more... and it makes the info you get in those survival schools look like child's play.

So after weighing all these numbers, I decided to grant you direct and instant access to everything in the Total Blackout Protocol for much less than cheapest day of NOLS course.

Bringing the cost of Total Blackout Protocol down to 1 single payment of $59. Meaning that you will pay $59 only once, to get complete lifetime access along with all the future updates for life.

As I am constantly developing new ways of keeping my and your family safe, I'll send you every update of Total Blackout Protocol free of charge. With this in mind, I have made an important decision to offer you something special today... If you decide to grab your own digital copy of Total Blackout Protocol before the timer runs out...

I'm willing to give you a massive 44% discount.

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So if you get your copy before the timer runs out you'll only have to pay $39 for the entire Total Blackout Protocol package​

The most important trait of every survivalist is the ability of swift and decisive decision making.

So if you grab your own copy before the timer runs out, you'll only pay $39. If you want to be the person who is going to survive, you must be able to make life or death decisions and execute them in a split-second.

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IRON CLAD 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee​

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So, the following question is really simple...

You're facing immediate life or death situation, can you make the right decision?

With your family's survival at stake, is $39 worth the risk?

What I'm offering you here is a comprehensive easy-to-follow protocol, which will prepare you for everything, give you all the tactics and techniques you need to ensure your survival and the survival of your family when inevitable disaster strikes, and it's only a matter of time.

You're The One Everybody Will be Turning to for Guidance, When it all Comes Crashing Down

This is your one chance to get the knowledge and skills, to make sure you and your family live long and happy lives, without worrying what's coming next.

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    "Self-preservation is the first principle of our nature."
    ― Alexander Hamilton, Founding Father of the United States

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